Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wake the Honest...

Wake has never learned the fine art of lying to spare someones feelings. There are so many "social skills" that he either can't understand or just doesn't see the point so doesn't bother with them. White lies are one of these!! Here are a few of my favorite examples of these:

1. After Reed was born (Wake's little brother) my sister went to get Wake and bring him to the hospital. Wake walked into the room and looked at me. He saw that his dad was holding his new baby brother and got a very confused look on his face. He came over and "hugged" me, squeezing extra hard around my middle. He said, "Wait, the baby is on the outside?" I said, "yes, do you want to meet him?" He said, "I don't understand why your tummy is still so fat." Talk about onset of postpartum depression!!!

2. Clay's parents went through a sort-of nasty divorce when Wake was a baby. He doesn't really remember them being "together". (Clay and I've been together 15 years and I don't really either, but that's a different subject.) About a year ago Clay's mother, very unexpectedly, got remarried. Clay was really upset by this and sat the boys down to explain it all to them. They sat there patiently while Clay went over all the details. When he was finished, Clay asked them if they had any questions and Wake said, "Will the new guy have to buy us Christmas presents too?"

3. As he gets older and people constantly are telling him not to say things or that something he has said isn't polite, he tries very unsuccessfully to be "better." Sometimes I will catch him looking at me or someone else and he will say the funniest things! I was trying on dresses for the"Second Chance Prom" with my skinny friend Casey and all of the dresses that were too big for her were still too small for me. I looked at Wake and he said, "I wasn't thinking you were fat, just that you have too much skin!" He also told my father in law, "I know you try your best but you might need to brush your teeth a little bit better."
4. My grandfather, who loves baseball, loves to get out and watch my boys and my cousin Brian's girls play ball. Last year Wake got to play t-ball for the first time. My papa came to his first game and watched him. After the game was over, Papa told Wake he did a good job and asked him if he had a good time. Wake looked at him real disgusted and said, "Didn't you see us loose? My team sucks!"
more to come....

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