Monday, March 16, 2009

The Ladies Man

For all of you that know Wake, you know how much he loves the ladies! For some reason, this child has always loved women. When he was a tiny guys, he could always be soothed by women. My sister was his favorite! He loved (and still does) for Auntie to hold him. When he was about four months old, he started pinching my underarm when he would nurse. When he could talk he started calling that part of my arm my "pinchy". If he's not feeling good or had a nightmare and comes to get in bed with Clay and I he still pinches me there. He's always been close to my friend Shelley. She would laugh at him because even at two, if she wore shorts he would try and rub her outer thigh, just inside her shorts. Sometimes the puritan in me wants to be bothered by this but then I remember how normal it all is! Some little boys are just born so heterosexual!!! This intro brings me to my funny story on Wake.

A few weeks ago at Sunday School, Wake's very creative (and thank God open minded!) teacher had them make two posters. One poster was an "I Want..." poster and the other was an "I Need...." poster. The kids were to cut images out of magazines and paste them to the appropriate poster. When Wake gets in the car after Sunday School he tells us about the posters and said someone stole his thing off the I want poster. We asked him what it was and he said, "A naked lady." I asked Debi about it and she said that she saw it on the poster and discretely removed it before displaying the poster!!! For all of you wondering how he found a picture of a naked lady in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, it was from a lotion ad and she was only seen from behind (you could tell she was naked, but you couldn't see any of the "private" areas!)Wake also told us that every time he gets the long end of the wishbone he wishes for a "hot chick."

We are in so much trouble with him!!!

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  1. Oh my!! Really... we will, as a community have to find ways to keep Wake occupied... beside behind a building, in a car with girls. He will have to pass a written exam from Truett, swearing in,blood test and hormone check before he could ever take Lily out on a date. Sorry, naked lady picture is red flag! HA! Love this kid! Wish there a thousands more just like him!