Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love Note!

Wake has written his first love note! The mom of the little girl he gave it to (Madison) is a friend of mine and saved it for me. In typical Wake fashion, it says,

To Madison

From Wake

and inside it says,

"You love me!"

Soooooo Wake...... I need to start praying for the poor girl that falls in love with him now!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy School Nurse's Day!

Today was School Nurse's Day (at least at Lindale ECC) and Wake was insistent that he take a gift to his nurse. Wake has quite a relationship with Nurse White! She is definitely Wake's "type"! She is young, beautiful, super sweet, very attentive! Earlier this year I had a conference with Wake's teacher. She was worried about Wake because he seemed to "feel very bad" two or three afternoon's a week. He was also thirsty a lot (needing to go get a drink) and one day even wet his pants. Wake hasn't had an accident since he was three years old so this also alarmed me! Clay's dad has Type I diabetes so we were both very worried and took Wake in for a check. All of his tests came out fine! Dr. Everett (who is oh so smart!!) asked Wake how he feels when he "feels bad" at school. Wake gave this long detailed description (which was also very dramatic!) of this near death experience! Dr. Everett asked him what Nurse White did when he went to the nurse's office and Wake said "She gives me a peppermint and lets me take a nap on her couch. Sometimes she rubs my back." Dr Everett smiled and said, "Wake, I think you are just fine but I'm going to send a note to Nurse White telling her that you need to watch your sugar so no more peppermints and that you need more exercise so no more naps." He hasn't been to the nurse since!!!!

Last night when we were trying to decide what to give Nurse White as a present, Wake said, "Remember when she had to clean up my pee!! That deserves a HUGE present!" He is so right!! We settled on a nice box of chocolate and spring flowers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Romantic walks on the beach!

Tonight we went to the store (again!!!). In the check-out line I see Wake talking to the guy behind us. He's in one of those motorized carts. Wake says to him, "I've always wanted to try one of those." The guys says, "I hate having to use this thing. I wish I could walk around and not get tired." Wake says, "I'll bet you wish you could take a walk on the beach with your wife at sunset." The guy started dying laughing! He said, "yep! That would be really nice." Wake never even cracked a smile. He was serious the entire time. What a mind!!!