Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wake is Relentless!

Poor Wake hates coming in second! As he once told my mom, "Second place is just first looser!" Well, he has been waiting and waiting and WAITING to get a loose tooth. At least once a week all during Kindergarten he would come home mad as heck that someone lost a tooth. He would do his little head bob with the "Guess What! Someone else lost a tooth!!! I'm such a freak!" Well, finally on this Tuesday night he noticed his tooth was a little loose. He had Clay work on it, wiggling and working it for a full hour. Finally Clay told him it wasn't ready and he'd just have to wait and work on it a little more tomorrow. He gave us the standard, "WHAT!" and went to work on it himself. We saw him tie dental floss around it and get his brother to tie it to the door. That didn't work. I caught him telling Jonas that he would give him the money in his piggy bank if he would knock it out with a hammer. Jonas looked very excited at this prospect!! Finally it seemed he settled down. We all went to bed. At a little after midnight Wake woke Clay and I up. He had a bloody towel in one hand and his tooth in the other! He was screaming "I did it!" and laughing with glee!! I finally got him settled down and to bed. The tooth fairy had to borrow 5 bucks from Jonas' wallet :)