Friday, March 27, 2009

Mrs. Corley

This week was teacher appreciation week here in big Lindale! Wake absolutely idolizes his teacher, Mrs. Corley. He believes that she is the smartest, bestest teacher in the world!!!

Last month, his school, ECC had a sweetheart's ball for mom's and sons. Well, at this "ball" one of the teachers was crowned "Queen" and got to go up on stage where they put a cape and crown on her and showered her with applause and flowers. Well, much to my Wake's dismay, Mrs. Corley was not chosen as Queen. (as a side note, the students voted to determine the Queen.) When the Queen was announced and Wake realized it wasn't Mrs. Corley, he was shocked. His first reaction was jaw drop, ugly stare, and then "BOOOOOO". It was so embarrassing. I had to remove him momentarily from the event! I don't even think it registered with him who the queen was, just that it wasn't Mrs. Corley! Even now, over a month later, if anyone mentions the ball or the word "queen" he has to bring up the fact that "it should have been 'Queen Corley'" He loves her!

I believe he has a little kindergarten crush on her because he always wants to bring her flowers. For Valentines Day, we brought 12 lavender and pink roses. For teacher appreciation day we brought 12 tulips. I hope she actually likes flowers! Jonas had Mrs. Corley for kindergarten also and he loved her as well but Wake is absolutely enamoured. I wanted him to have her because she is very good academically and a little tough with the discipline. Anyone that knows Wake, knows that he will play you in a second if he detects weakness. She has no weakness and I think that's why he loves her so much! It's a love/respect thing!

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  1. Amy, This is so sweet! We still laugh about his make believe friends that all had rhyming names!