Friday, October 9, 2009

Paper Towels

Today when I picked the kids up from school it was "cold", at least for us Texans. It was the first really cold day of the season so I took the boys to get hot chocolate at our local coffee shop. While we were waiting for our drinks, Wake disappeared. Every time he disappears we all know where Wake is, bathroom! He has a crazy metabolism and poops about 5 times a day!!! When he finally comes out of the bathroom I did what every mom does, ask him "Did you wash your hands?" He said, "Yes, but they were out of paper towels." I said, "did you just dry your hands on your jacket?" He said, "Nope, there were some pretty dry paper towels in the top of the trash can!!!" WAKE!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonderful Weekend of Wake!!!

Anyone who has three kids knows what a precious commodity alone time with one child can be! Wake's birthday is coming up and Clay and I have been wanting to do something special with him. Jonas was going out of town with some friends to see UGA play LSU so we dropped Reed with my sister for the weekend and planned WOW (Weekend of Wake)!! Wake had Friday off school so Clay took the day off work and we went fishing, out to lunch for Wake's favorite (chili cheese dog) and then X-Men Wolverine for movie night! Saturday morning we got up and went to Dallas for the State Fair and Mary Poppins the musical! Wake loves to be the center of attention so it was a fabulous time!

Mary Poppins captivated him! After three hours of sitting, when it was over he said, "What? That's it?" If you know Wake, I'm sure you can hear that coming from his mouth!!

At the fair he and I had made a list of things he wanted to do. First we did "Hands on the Farm". This was a very cool farming exhibit where he got to plant crops, feed animals, harvest crops, milk a cow, gather eggs, then trade in his commodities for cash. He then spent his cash in the company store and bought some fruit snacks. I had obvious reservations to this blatant advertisement for capitalism. Clay told Wake to go directly to the store and ask for farm subsidies for not planting this year. At any rate, he wanted to "do it the right way", so we agreed. Clay and I have long known that Wake will rebel with a bow tie and a young Republicans membership card so we weren't surprised!!

His favorite activity was the Colorado Mining Company. For $8. (which is really cheap considering it's more than that for one ride in the Midway) you get a bag of sand with hidden treasures inside. He chose a bag and had a fantastic time sifting in the "river" with his screen box. He found 7 arrow heads. The guy who was running the stand brought Wake another "free" half bag of sand when his was gone. According to him, "This kid is the best advertisement I've had all day!" Wake was his usual self, being completely dramatic at every find!! He is so much like Clay's dad that it just makes me smile. Any day now he's going to say, "Phenomenal!!!"

He ate like a pig, as did Clay and I! Poor Wake was born to a mama who tries very hard to make sure that he has very little to nothing artificial in his diet. We don't do lunch meat with nitrates or hot dogs at home. Every chance my parents and Clay get they sneak Wake out for a chili dog because that is his favorite food! Well, he had never had a real corny dog until this weekend and he is in love!!! He gobbled up every bite of his foot long Fletcher's corny dog. As we were leaving Saturday night Clay asked him if he had gotten to do everything he wanted to do at the fair. Wake said, "Can I just have one more corny dog?" So....we bought 12 more tickets ($6) and Wake got another one!!!!