Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Pics from Austin

Both Jonas and Wake got to feed Piper and hold her. They thought she was awesome!
Reed absolutely loved "Build a Bear." He made a puppy which he named, "Bud Pup". He carried the box all the way to the car!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter in Austin

We spent a fantastic three day weekend in Austin doing a whole bunch of nothing! We stayed in a hotel with an indoor pool (Jonas and Wake's only request) and saw a bunch of friends that we miss so much! We got to meet Piper (John and Mandy's second sweet baby girl) and Wake discovered that "She loves him the most!" We saw Joe and Jennifer's new gorgeous house (that will be finished soon, I just know it Jennifer!) but missed meeting their new dogs, which disappointed Wake very much. We had a great lunch with Cole and Summer at a fantastic restaurant that reminded me how un-grown-up my life has become! All in all it was great! We stayed up late every night and slept till 10!

Wake and Reed used their Easter bunny money to "Build a Bear". Wake named his Koala, "Nut-Nut" and dressed him in PJ's and slippers (complete with camo boxers). and Reed picked a puppy that he calls "Bud-Pup" (which is what he calls every puppy.) Wake had a blast! I love it that he completely ignores his big brother's eye rolling at "baby stuff" and has fun anyway! To tell the truth, I think that Jonas really wanted to "build a bear" too but he had already spent his money at the co-op on a new longhorn wallet and football.

Jonas and Wake both got to hold Piper and feed her. This was super cool for them because they didn't take bottles nor did their cousin Kennedy, so this was their first feeding. They thought it was very cool. Reed completely ignored the baby. Jonas and Piper's big sister Tegan played together most of the weekend. She seemed to be in love with Jonas and he did a great job of letting her tell him what to do. This seemed normal to him since he sees me tell his dad what to do all the time! Tegan and Reed are about 4 months apart so they spent their time together this weekend fighting over Tegan's toys that Reed claimed were "MINE."

I miss Austin so much! Clay and I both felt a little sad as we drove through parts of the city we really miss. We felt less sad when we were stuck in Austin traffic! Lindale is a great place to raise a family and we love our home here but it's no Austin!